How I’m Making Money

HOW I AM MAKING MONEY step by step.

First of all I am getting profit from product’s I am selling. I am not selling directly I just give catalogue to my customer’s and they choose that they want to buy.  How I said this business have two ways to earn money. It is:

  • Moving product’s
  • Building team  (build network of people)

Moving product’s

This is catalogues from which I am  moving  products.

I am putting catalogues out to my local area or just giving catalogue to my friends, neighbours and relatives.


Next step:

My customers ordering products from catalogue and wrote it on ordering slip. Then I collect catalogues with orders.



Next step:

Order products through internet



Next step: 

I deliver products to my customers

Customer’s pays me 100% price when you deliver products

Next step:

Keep your self 21% of retail profit and pay to company ( Company send you invoice how much you need to pay) 

Building a team

To make more money I am building  a team of people who want to have home base business and whey doing the same what I do. Simply I need to share business opportunity with all my friends, co-workers, relatives and everybody I know. I just ask whem: “Would you like to earn £500 – £3000 per month in  your spare time to work from home?” I am getting volume profit from my team selling’s.

Are You Ready To Change Your LifeStyle?

I just gave you opportunity how you can make money from home.

I am looking for people who want to earn £500 – £3000 per month in spare time working from home. So If you want or have more questions please contact me:


One response

14 05 2009

Congratulations on the blog and getting straight to the point on how simple this business is.

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