About Me


Who I am?

I am Remigijus Balandis. Short name – Remis.


What I am doing?


I am independent distributor working with British company and I am actualy in the process building and servicing customer base alongside networking apportunity for residual income.


Why I travel 2000km from Lithuania to England?


I came to Cambridge from my native country Lithuania ( you can see on  map )   2000km to make a fortune. I started home base business part time and I became a good student of how to build successful business I started reading books, listening of audio seminars, going to meetings and seminars.


Actually everyone and my parents believed that I am going to England to study at university but I decided what I want be successful, rich and have amazing life. How you know at university don’t teach you how to live extraordinary life. 

When I came to England I was 18 years old with low business skills with low English skills but with big dream, faith and optimism. But now all my business and life skills are much higher.


What is my goal?


My goal is to share this opportunity with as much people as I possibly can and help them to change life to the better. I am here to help you start and run profitable and successful home-base business.


To contact me, please email: remigijus.balandis@gmail.com



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